Method of Approach

ANP’s Method of Approach

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Order Set Up

We will provide you with the necessary materials plus equipment in order to furnish us with recorded media and for ANP to fulfill the contracted services. Your hardcopy media can be mailed to us or the media file can be uploaded via our highly secured and password protected ANP’s MyFiles online portal. Prior to job creation, we will proof the materials.

Project Assignment

The project is assigned to a transcription team where the team leader will review the project and appoint the file(s) to a skilled team member. Project milestones are defined and confirmed.


Your media file is transcribed and the file is formatted to your exact specifications. The team leader and legal editor thoroughly QAs the produced file for quality, formatting and to ensure audibility plus ensuring that your special requests have been meet. Our accuracy rate is 98% or above.


The inspected and finished file is uploaded to our secured and password protected ANP’s MyFiles online portal. We return the original hard copy via mail or email. All produced material come with an error report attached and technical recommendations for quality recordings.